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The Seven Seals

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  1. Aug 14,  · The seven seals and seven trumpets are a series of catastrophic events that will take place during the End Days to enact the judgment of God upon the earth. Reminiscent of the 10 plagues to fall on Egypt during the Exodus (Exodus ), a series of catastrophic events will take place during the End Days to enact the judgment of God upon the earth.
  2. God’s Church observes the 7th day Sabbath & the seven annual Holy Days as given in Leviticus The church’s purpose is to lead and teach those whom God is newly calling into His Church in these end-times, as well as those whom God is awakening from the .
  3. Revelation 6 begins with these words: “I watched as the Lamb meaning Jesus] opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, ‘Come!’.
  4. The Seven Seals depict what is happening to the Saints during this troublesome time period. The Seals involve one-fourth of the earth in disaster. The Trumpets involve one-third of the earth in disaster. The Plagues involve the whole earth in disaster. The Seals, Trumpets and Plagues each end in the Second Coming of Christ.
  5. Jul 18,  · This statement is particularly true with the opening of each of the seven seals. I presented the idea in the previous issue of Day Star, that God wrote the Book of Life and sealed it with seven seals before He created angels and human beings. The timing of this event is important.
  6. Jun 15,  · Order A Summary of the Revelation Seven Seals now on ratttaderppargemebarblarilquirecjee.co or ratttaderppargemebarblarilquirecjee.co Daniel But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.. Most Christians are unaware that in the Bible there is a promise of a revealing of the seven seals in the end time.
  7. Aug 24,  · The book of Revelation describes a scene in Heaven and the Father is holding a book (scroll) sealed with seven seals. (Revelation ) Bible expositors describe in great detail each of the seals because of John’s description of each seal.
  8. Feb 16,  · The Seventh Seal () The Seventh Seal. A man seeks answers about life, death, and the existence of God as he plays chess against the Grim Reaper during the Black Plague/10(K).
  9. Jun 23,  · John is lifted up to heaven in a second vision, and he begins to learn of these things through the opening of seven seals which conceal the secrets of the times which lead up to the end.

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