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  1. Stable Self-Sufficient, Productive Families. At Georgia Family Connection, we help ensure that all Georgians can become—and remain—productive citizens. We are empowering our hard-working families across the state to be stable and self-sufficient through .
  2. We plan on transforming YOU from an honest homeowner into an independent, self-sufficient person that doesn’t owe anybody a thing. We plan on making your house work for you instead of the other way around. Who are Ron and Johanna? Many people daydream about a self-sufficient existence.
  3. ‘Turkey is self-sufficient in food production.’ ‘India is self-sufficient in food production, but starvation is reported every year in this country of a billion-plus people.’ ‘Despite its use of ‘primitive’ techniques, Mexico was also once largely self-sufficient in basic grains production.’.
  4. Self sufficiency Episode 23 – A lockdown garden activity for mental health Spending time in our garden is a great way to relieve anxiety and increase our mental health and wellbeing. In .
  5. With just a few changes, you can become more self-sufficient. Maybe not completely-off-the-grid, ready-to-kill-and-eat-your-meals self-sufficient but at least enough to get you through the next.
  6. ˌself-sufˈficient adjective able to provide all the things you need without help from other people a self-sufficient farm self-sufficient in Australia is 65% self-sufficient in oil. —self-sufficiency noun [ uncountable] Examples from the Corpus self-sufficient • She'd always seemed so self-contained, so self-sufficient.
  7. The programme aims to make the country self-sufficient in food production and to cut energy imports. They were busy with growing vegetables and all the other chores of a self-sufficient rural life. able to take care of yourself, to be happy, or to deal with problems, without help from other people: She's a very self-sufficient .
  8. May 28,  · The Self Sufficient Backyard is the most extensive guide I’ve seen on living off-the-grid and making a good living out of it. If you want to cut cords with modern society and go your own way this is the book for you. If you want to build some projects on your property that will make you a little more self-sufficient, this is also a book for you.

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