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Run With The Flame (Flatpacks Stumbling Dub)

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  1. Content warning of references to child abuse (neglect, emotional - Harry; physical, emotional - Sirius) in early parts, references and discussion of grooming and rape/dub-con/sexual contact by an adult with a minor (not Harry) in the last two parts of the fic. Please consider your personal triggers and keep yourself safe. Character deaths abound.
  2. i whip my hands over my head and start running for the exit joining in with the rest of the crowd. [/b] oh my god, what is going on, why are the storm troopers flooding the museum. i want my money back. ahhhh, ahhhh, huh huh, ahhhhh[/b] i walk into the nearest dub King, use the restroom stall to assume the Joseph form, walk out and order a.
  3. verb: increase the running speed of (an engine) or the engine speed of (a vehicle) by pressing the accelerator, especially while the clutch is disengaged. "he got into the car, revved up the engine and drove off" (of an engine or vehicle) operate with increasing speed when the accelerator is pressed, especially while the clutch is disengaged.
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  6. Not running from anything, but running with something: her family. The thud of hooves sounded and he hurtled past, leaping a grassy knoll with a bound that left her breathless as he soared. There was no way she could emulate the act, not as lightly or as gracefully, but she damn well wasn’t being beaten in a race again that prong-headed Brainiac.
  7. Run with the Wind Marathon Racing Anime Unveils More Cast, Designs (Sep 1, ) Kiznaiver Home Release on July 30 (May 25, ) Kiznaiver and K: Missing Kings Listed on .
  8. The car lands on two wheels and continues to drive this way. Eddy is on the right side and is forced to run with the car. The car turns left, and Kevin follows. Rolf brings up the rear, having managed to rejoin the chase.] Rolf: "Run like well-worn stockings, Wilfred!" [Ed releases the .

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