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Bloody Sanguinary

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  3. Something that's bloody is stained or covered with blood, like a bloody nose. In British slang, bloody means something like “very.” That’s bloody brilliant! PLAY; LOOK UP. bloodthirsty, bloody-minded, sanguinary. marked by eagerness to resort to violence and bloodshed. crimson, red, violent. characterized by violence or bloodshed.
  4. Sanguinaria canadensis, bloodroot, is a perennial, herbaceous flowering plant native to eastern North America. It is the only species in the genus Sanguinaria, included in the family Papaveraceae, and most closely related to Eomecon of eastern ratttaderppargemebarblarilquirecjee.co: Papaveraceae.
  5. A sanguinary struggle between the party of independence and the adherents of Spain spread over the whole country. Rome, attacked by the French army, was taken by assault after a month's sanguinary siege. Thus terminated the long and sanguinary struggle of the Peninsular War.
  6. bloody, sanguinary, gory mean affected by or involving the shedding of blood. bloody is applied especially to things that are actually covered with blood or are made up of blood. bloody hands sanguinary applies especially to something attended by, or someone inclined to, bloodshed. the Civil War was America's most sanguinary conflict gory suggests a profusion of blood and slaughter. .
  7. reddish; ruddy: a sanguine complexion. (in old physiology) having blood as the predominating humor and consequently being ruddy-faced, cheerful, etc.
  8. 3 a: consisting of or relating to blood some sanguine vessels are obstructed, and distended — Theophilus Lobb b: bloodthirsty, sanguinary attacked by the sanguine warriors of neighboring .

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